Impact story: Terry

Terry was mixed up with drugs and alcohol. Knowing he needed to get out of the situation, he hitchhiked to Tucson. With no place to stay when he arrived, he lived on the streets until someone told him about the Mission. After trying to make it on his own without success, he was ready to commit to change.


By the end of 2016 Terry was doing well. He had been in the Program at the Men’s Center for three months. In February 2017, while on a pass to visit his family in New Mexico, the City of South Tucson adopted the new Fire Safety Code and due to the number of beds being cut in half, Terry could not come back. He felt abandoned, lost.

“I was lost when the Mission was forced to reduce our beds. For me to make it I needed to be at the Men’s Center.”



It took Terry a year before he made it back to Tucson and the Men’s Center.

“The ultimate reason I came back is because this is where God starting working on me. For me to come back meant I wanted to finish what God started in my life. I’m so glad to be back.”

When he thinks about the new Men’s Center he says he feels “relief.”

“At the new Center, you won’t have to plan and cross town to take care of one appointment. You can do that during your break, during downtime. It takes pressure off. You won’t miss the program or meals to make it to appointments. It’s awesome.”

“After that year I was gone, I was determined to get back into the program and finish what God started.”