A dream collaboration

A dream collaboration

This collaboration is the realization of a dream that both Mr. Lopez and Gospel Rescue Mission have had for years.

“Working as a collaboration is extremely important, especially in the non-profit world,” says Roy. “Our shelter currently provides support services, education, and training, and we move people from homelessness to self-sufficiency. But we don’t do all of the things that are going to be available at this center. When people walk through our door, they come with multi-layered issues and problems. We can’t, as a single organization, necessarily address all of them. But working together – we can.”



It’s all thanks to a collaboration between GRM and about 20-30 other non-profit organizations. Each of these organizations will be operating in the Center of Opportunity under the management of Gospel Rescue Mission.

“Mr. Lopez asked us if we would be willing to manage all of the support services that take place inside of the center, if we would vet the organizations, come up with agreements of what they are to provide, and make sure they live up to those agreements,” explains Roy. “Being the anchor organization is a huge undertaking, but we feel God and God’s people and community are going to support it, and we’re trusting that we will be able to manage it with excellence as unto the Lord. That’s our goal.”

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